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Module: Gato ./
Imported modules   
from GatoConfiguration import GatoConfiguration
from GatoDialogs import AboutBox, SplashScreen, HTMLViewer
from GatoGlobals import *
import GatoIcons
from GatoUtil import *
from Graph import Graph
from GraphDisplay import GraphDisplayToplevel
from GraphUtil import *
from ScrolledText import ScrolledText
import StringIO
from Tkinter import *
import bdb
import os
import re
import string
import sys
from tkFileDialog import askopenfilename, asksaveasfilename
import tkFont
from tkMessageBox import askokcancel, showerror, askyesno
import tokenize
import traceback
import whrandom
WMExtrasGeometry ( window )

Returns (top,else) where - top is the amount of extra pixels the WM puts on top of the window - else is the amount of extra pixels the WM puts everywhere else around the window

NOTE: Does not work with tk8.0 style menus, since those are handled by WM (according to Tk8.1 docs)

put someplace else


Provide GUI with main menubar for displaying and controlling


Provides all services necessary to load an algorithm, run it


Internal Bdb subclass to allow debugging of algorithms

Table of Contents

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