Gato: Download


Gato is © 1998-2011 Alexander Schliep and Winfried Hochstättler and © 1998-2001 the ZAIK/ZPR, Universität zu Köln. Gato is distributed under the Gnu Library General Public License (LGPL).

Gato is used in CATBox (the Combinatorial Algorithm Toolbox - an interactive course on discrete mathematics) available from Springer Verlag. You find binary releases of CATBox (© Springer Verlag 2011) including Gato at

Gato needs Python and Tcl/Tk. If you have never installed Gato before, you might want to check the installation page for information before proceeding. If you have installed Gato before, and just want to upgrade to a newer version, download the compressed archive file. Remember to download it as a binary.


You can download source releases from the Python Package index (PyPi) at, or from SourceForge at There you also will find binaries. CATBox releases including Gato, both binary releases for Windows and MaxOS X as well as source releases, are available from

SVN Access

If you want to check out the very latest version you can use anonymous SVN access.

  > svn checkout svn:// Gato